Fraud Protection

SBIC realizes how important Check Fraud and ACH Fraud is to a small business owner and how much exposure you may have without the proper controls in place to protect your business.

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Check Fraud Control*

Positive Pay

  • Identifies fraudulent checks by matching check issue information against checks presented for clearing   
  • Receive daily electronic notification via email on any discrepancies between issued check information and checks presented for payment
  • Decide to pay or return any questionable items
  • Omit stale dated & voided checks
  • Catch encoding error & duplicate serial number


ACH Fraud Control*

ACH Filter

  • Any unauthorized transactions are available for your review to pay or return based on your preestablished parameters
  • Revise and update authorized credits/ debits for current and future transactions

ACH Block

  • Ability to block all ACH Debits / ACH Credits or both from posting to your account



*For more information or to enroll, please visit your nearest branch or call 1-877-707-1995 (toll free).



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