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We at State Bank of India (California) believe every institution has a responsibility to be involved in their community's growth and development. Through SBIC's commitment, we have partnered with numerous organizations to offer support and participation through the volunteer efforts of our team members. We also commit to assist in financing local small businesses and community development projects, which help build affordable housing in our neighborhoods. We see the positive effects such involvement has on our communities' evolution and we take pride in giving back to those who need it most.

SBIC Supports Our Communities


At the State Bank of India (California), our employees are proud to volunteer with community organizations all over California. Each of the organizations that are listed below continue to make a positive impact on our communities and WE are PROUD to partner with them. Our Bank looks forward to continuing these enriching relationships within local communities.


State Bank of India Scholarship; Asian Pacific Community Fund


State Bank of India (California) is committed to supporting economically challenged youth residing in its business service territories to fulfill their dreams of obtaining a higher education by awarding scholarship up to $1,000.00. We at State Bank of India (California) are proud for the opportunity to help the advanced education of the following students:

Name College Major
Amy Tran University of California, San Diego Human Biology
Asim Wahab University of California, Berkeley Psychology and Business Administration
Benjamin Leong University of California, Berkeley English
Grace Meiwah Chow Stanford University Undeclared
Jay Wang University of Southern California Business Administration
Josephina Bada Ko University of California, San Diego Human Biology
Justin Pang University of California, Riverside Pre-Business
Kyle Li Princeton University Public Policy
Manroop Kaur Cornell University Applied Economics and Management
Tha Dah Say UCLA Neuroscience

Asian Pacific Community Fund Logo

Operations Hope


Operation Hope was established in 1992 and has been serving the community by teaching financial literacy to communities in need. The State Bank of India (California) has been a long-time partner with Operation Hope and looks forward to continuing the relationship. Our employees continue to join community leaders by providing financial literacy training to individuals in low-to-moderate income areas. More than 100 of our employees have volunteered at over 50 different schools to provide training and respond to any questions in the area of financial literacy. Employees continue to teach with Operation Hope and the curriculum covers concepts around savings, banking, investing, budgeting, credit, and lending. Find out more at OperationHope.org.

 Operation Hope



Junior Achievement


State Bank of India (California) employees enjoy partnering with the California chapters of Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is focused on reaching the youth in low-to-moderate income classrooms, and to serve low-to-moderate income students at the Junior Achievement Finance Park. Over 100 State Bank of India (California) employees have volunteered with Junior Achievement, over the years. Junior Achievement has a proud legacy and was established in Boston in 1919. Junior Achievement has an amazing history of reaching out to the community and making a positive impact in financial literacy. Bank employees enjoy teaching for six-hour sessions on the topics of business building, entrepreneurship, career success, economics, and financial literacy. Find out more at JuniorAchievement.org.


Junior Achievement LA      Junior Achievement SD





Adopt-A-Family is a chosen organization of the State Bank of India (California) and allows our employees to collect donations and essential items which can then be given to families that are in-need of basic-life-essentials. Employees collect, donate, and give their time to try to make another family’s holiday’s more enjoyable while trying to fill a much-needed demand. Our Bank has been collecting and providing donations to many different families through Adopt-A-Family, for many years. We are grateful for the support that Adopt-A-Family provides to the community and we look forward to continuing this relationship. Find out more at olacathedral.org.

 Adopt A Family



Los Angeles Regional Food Bank


The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been serving over one billion meals since 1973 to those in need. The State Bank of India (California) now partners with LA Food Bank and helps collect food donations to provide to those in need. Employees also enjoy volunteering with the LA Food Bank in order to provide time to a worthy non-profit organization that serves so many. Bank employees look forward to finding new ways to work with LA Food Bank and to continuing to volunteer. Find out more at lafoodbank.org.


LA Food Bank



Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP)


The Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) has been serving the Los Angeles community since 1984. State Bank of India (California) has many volunteer employees that enjoy volunteering with LAEP. Though the relationship with LAEP, Bank employees visit local low-to-moderate income high-schools and provide mock-interviews to high-school seniors. Volunteers also participate in many FAFSA Application programs and directly assist hundreds of students and their families in completing the college financial aid applications. Employees enjoy serving at Career Day and helping students learn about new careers to consider. The State Bank of India (California) is grateful for the continuing relationship with LAEP. Find out more at LAEP.org.


Los Angeles Education Partnership



California Council on Economic Education (CCEE)


The California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) is another wonderful non-profit organization that is focused on providing economic skills, financial literacy training, and resources to K-12 teachers, students and their parents, throughout California. The State Bank of India (California) is proud to showcase the volunteer efforts and relationship with CCEE. CCEE’s overarching mission is to help California’s students gain a real world understanding of economics and personal finance, so they can make better decisions and compete and succeed in the global economy. Find out more at CCEE.org.

 California Council on Economic Education



Alliance for Economic Inclusion (AEI)


The Alliance for Economic Inclusion (AEI) is another organization that has allowed the State Bank of India (California) to find new ways to meet the needs of the community. AEI’s mission is to provide access to financial education through community-based organizations that serve low-income and underserved communities. AEI has also launched the LA Saves Campaign to promote a savings culture. State Bank of India (California) employees continue to attend AEI events, and find new ways to volunteer and partner with California organizations that serve our communities.  Find out more at FDIC.gov.



Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship South Bay (NFTE)


The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship offers schools and partners a unique combination of high-impact student programs with exceptional teacher training and support. The State Bank of India (California) is proud to partner with different chapters of NFTE in order to help young train young people on how to create a business. Groups of low-to-moderate income youth are then partnered in teams and they then pitch their business strategies and plans to various community and Bank volunteers. These volunteers offer support, mentorship, and encouragement to these budding entrepreneurs. The State Bank of India (California) looks forward to continuing this relationship with NFTE. Find out more at NFTE.org.

 Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship South Bay



The South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency (SAHARA)


Sahara serves survivors of all forms of abuse in the South Asian community by providing them with culturally-sensitive and linguistically-specific services. Sahara’s carefully designed and comprehensive programs provide a path to self-sufficiency, healthy aging, and to building the next generation of leaders. The State Bank of India (California) is proud to partner with the Board of Sahara and to help meet the needs of women in need. Sahara provides much needed support to under-represented women that are victims of abuse and trying to establish themselves. Find out more at SaharaCares.org.

 The South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency



Community Development Financial Institutions Programs (CDFI)


The State Bank of India (California) is proud to partner with CDFI organizations either through investment, partnership, Board service, or in other beneficial ways. Employees enjoy working with CDFI’s to find new ways promote economic revitalization and community development through investment in and assistance to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). The CDFI Fund achieves its purpose by promoting access to capital and local economic growth. Find out more at CDFIFund.org.


Community Development Financial Institutions Programs



Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)


The State Bank of India (California) is proud to partner with many different local VITA volunteer organizations to help provide free federal and state income tax preparation assistance to low-to moderate-income, disabled, and elderly individuals in the local community. IRS-certified volunteers are trained at local VITA sites and then they partner with individuals who may otherwise not be able to afford tax assistance. The State Bank of India (California) looks forward to continuing this relationship with VITA. Find out more at IRS.gov.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance




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