Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture provides our business customers the capacity to deposit checks from their office location to their SBIC designated checking account. Using a personal computer with a high-speed internet connection and browser-based desktop scanning equipment, our Remote Deposit Capture service captures the check image, endorses the check with the designated checking account number and dates each item. Once all deposit items are captured, the information is securely transmitted to the bank for processing.

Our Remote Deposit Capture service gives you the following advantages:

  • Flexibility - Make business deposits anytime, even after banking hours
  • Convenience - Process business deposits either once a day or throughout the day from one location or multiple locations
  • Savings - Reduce the reliance and courier service charges or fees
  • Productivity - Enhance record keeping with online notifications and reduces the time spent going to the bank for deposits
  • Funds Availability - Faster access to your funds through electronic deposit


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